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SAP Customer Connection Website

Improve today´s SAP Solutions.

News in The Customer Influence Site

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
with this newsletter, we would like to introduce you news surrounding the Customer Influence site which has been launched with a new appearance.

What’s new?

  To ensure the best service to our customers and to provide you with personalized information, we would like to know your user group affiliation.

Therefore, at your next logon to the Customer Influence site, you will be prompted to enter your user group. Please select “None” in case you are not a member of any user group offered in the list.

  On the starting page, you now will find key areas of interest in navigation boxes, i.e. “Learn more about the Influencing programs”, “Your Influence page”, the “Customer Connection Roadmap”, and the current “CEI project list”.

Please note that the new CEI registration cycle has started today – so you are welcome to join in our projects!

  We count on your suggestions – therefore, the background image of the starting page has been replaced with a more friendly one now.

What lies ahead?

Curious about what comes next? Well, we have good news for you. About mid of October we will release more features for you:

•  Project recommendations based on your current project selection.

•  Export of improvement requests to Microsoft Excel.

•  Copy of improvement requests from one Focus Topic to another.

If you need additional information or in case of any questions, problems or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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